Short Fiction

“Love Is the Last Resort”, included in the anthology Summer Days and Summer Nights, edited by Stephanie Perkins and published by St. Martins Griffins.

“The Silent Woman”, set in the same world as Man Made Boy and This Broken Wondrous World, tells the story of what happens when the Siren goes for a night out in New York City. Edited by Bryan Young and published by Silence In the Library.

“The Raven Princess”, a retelling of the Grimm Brothers’ story “The Raven” included in the anthology Grim, edited by Christine Johnson and published by Harlequin Teen.

“There’s Nowhere Else”, set in the same world as Misfit, in the short story anthology Defy the Dark, edited by Saundra Mitchell, published by Harper Collins.

“Looking Through One Eye”, a story about twin brothers arrested for breaking the laws of physics, set in the same world as Misfit, in the short story anthology The First Time, edited by Jessica Verday and Rhonda Stapleton.

“What Good Is Sitting Alone In Your Room”, a true story of my own teenage exploits appearing in the Harlequin anthology Crush: 26 Real-life Stories of First Love, edited by Andrea N Richesin, published by Harlequin Teen.

“Ladies of the Night, Unite!”, an essay on the literary history of vampires, appeared in A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls“, published by SmartPop.

“Baby Girl”, published by Baen’s Universe. Illustrations by Liz Clarke.

Little Boy, Kind of Blue“, published by

“Mr. Bunny Goes To Hell” published by ChiZine

“Life v. 2.0” is published on the Drexel Online Journal. Reprint rights sold to Lynx Eye Magazine.