J. Kelley Skovron, also writing as J.S. Kelley (and formerly Jon Skovron), was born in Ohio and raised jointly by a therapist, an attorney, a professor of criminal sociology, and a grape juice salesman. Tragically, Kelley was not able to enjoy that abundance of juice during their childhood, for they have been cursed since birth with a mysterious affliction that inexplicably prevents them from enjoying sweet foods or beverages of any kind.

Their most recent novel, Gutter Mage, written as J.S. Kelley, was described as “Deep, diverse and just downright delightful” by The Frumious Consortium. The 23rd Legion said, “I honestly can’t think of a more enjoyable mystery novel that I have read in the past year.” And the Quill to Live said, “Gutter Mage is an existential crisis wrapped in a noir detective story. It has a lot more depth than it initially seems while also being exactly as fast, fun, and punchy as it advertises.”

Their next adult novel, The Wizard of Eventide, will be published in July 2022, and completes The Goddess War Trilogy. Their next novel for kids, G.I. Joe Classified, will also be published in July because really, what is free time anyway?

Past projects include Hope and Red , the first book in their previous Empire of Storms trilogy, which is currently being released as a free, serialized audiobook, and can be found on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you download your podcasts.

They are also the author of several Young Adult novels, including Misfit (2011), which Holly Black called “a diabolically delightful paranormal about a teen girl discovering her inner strength and power — and her potential for darkness”. Man Made Boy (2013) was a Junior Library Guild selection and shortlisted for the Inky Reader’s Choice Award in Australia. io9.com said “If Man Made Boy hasn’t been optioned for a film or at least a CW series by the end of the year, we can be assured that Hollywood has actually forgotten how to read.” The audiobook, which Kelley recorded for Random House’s Listening Library, was named Best Fiction Read By Author for Publisher Weekly’s Listen-Up awards. The sequel, This Broken Wondrous World, also a Junior Library Guild selection, was published August, 2015. Their short stories have appeared in publications like ChiZine and Baen’s Universe, and more recently in anthologies such as GRIM from Harlequin Teen and Summer Days and Summer Nights from St. Martins Press. 

They currently live with their two sons, a cat, and a dog, just outside Washington DC.